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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Have a safe and happy holidays

From draftruss.org to you - have a happy and safe holidays. We'll be taking a few days off, but will be back next week to resume bringing down the right wing empire.

- Chuck & Eric

2008 starting in 2006?

Boston.com / News / Local / Romney declares he will run for reelection: "Earlier this week, Romney told a roundtable of State House reporters that he was ready for the Democrats' challenge. ''They say: 'Oh he's not going to run again. He's not going to run again,' ' Romney said. ''Well, I've got some news for them: I am going to run again. So come on in, I'm happy to face them. And if they want to think about whether they're going to face an opponent named Romney in the fall, the answer is, yeah, that's what they should plan for.'
But yesterday, Romney sidestepped one critical question: whether he would serve out the full four-year term if reelected. He is seen by pundits and GOP activists to be eyeing a 2008 presidential run.
''You know, I'm taking everything just as I've described it,' Romney said at the North End event. ''I've got no additions, no subtractions.'"

Romney is a possibility for 2008. Supposedly by running for re-election as Governor in 2006 he is trying to downplay that possibility. But we all know better.

MyDD pointed this out today, which really made me think:

Since he is, among other things, a 2008 aspirant, he becomes a high value target for Democrats in 2006. Defeating him, Allen, Pataki and Santorum would prove highly embarrassing to the GOP. Also, winning the NYC mayor's race in 2005, the Florida Governor's race in 2006, and having Harold Ford Jr. take Frist's Senate seat should all be top-tier targets for Democrats. We can crush the 2008 Republican Presidential field in 2006.

Could it be that simple? Pataki is looking to get trounced by NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer for NY Governor. The young Dem leader Harold Ford Jr. will be taking on Bill Frist for his Tennessee Senate seat, and that should be a good race. It looks like Joe Hoeffel ('04 Specter opponent) will make a run at Santorum, and other possibilities to face him are Barbara Hafer (D) - State Treasurer, Ex-State Auditor, Nurse & '90 GOP Governor Nominee, Kathleen McGinty (D) - State EPA Director, and T.J. Rooney (D) - State Democratic Chairman. Jeb Bush cannot run for re-election, so the Florida Governorship is wide open. I don't know who Allen will face, if he is running again. There seems to be some truth that we could delegitamize much of the 2008 field in 2006, but we can only do that with strong candidates.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

All this momentum

Yes, all this momentum. Dan K writes this in his "Russ Feingold For President" blog http://www.russfeingold.blogspot.com/, and I couldn't agree more.

This week, we've hooked up with the Feingold '08 yahoo group, taken in $1700 worth of pledges in 3 days, and we'll continue to grow. Look out Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, DLC, DNC, and Mr. Fill in the Blank insider. We've got 3 years to do this thing, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. No longer will party elites choose the nominee. And if we are going to win, we'll have to win at the grassroots level.

We'll be writing more in the days, months and years to come, but for now, we're all off to a good start!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Beginning Of The End

Hello, and welcome to the official Draft Feingold blog from www.DraftRuss.com!

This post is entitled 'the beginning of the end'. That's because we've only just begun to work towards the end of our campaign and the new beginning of Russ Feingold's run for President in 2008. The means with which we'll get there are the Draft Feingold web site and you, because the entire movement is based on the support and encouragement that you can give Mr. Feingold.

If you haven't yet, please take a minute to send Russ Feingold a letter to let him know that you're behind him.

On a personal note, I'm prouder every day to stand behind Russ Feingold. His message hits home. I've been keeping up on mentions of Feingold in the news and his recent activities, and I'm glad that at least one Congressman has been standing up for us. That's tough to do right now, considering the fact that Feingold's ideas are not as commonplace on the hill as we would like. I appreciate everything that he does for us in Washington, and I'll keep doing what I can to spread his message.

~Eric S. Hungerford

Thursday, December 16, 2004

MyDD :: Feingold?

I saw this on MyDD -

MyDD :: : "Feingold is in an odd position. Even though he has won three terms in the US Senate, he actually is still known as a 'reformer' and an 'outsider,' due in no small part to the constant repetition of the 'McCain-Feingold' legislation in the national media. Because of this reputation, among all Democratic Senators, except perhaps Obama, I think he would be the best bet to capture the non-ideological reformers that I believe are a key to future Democratic success."

Well, yeah - of course. That's what we've been thinking for a while now. I would add that Feingold isn't just a reformer, but a populist, which is what we need right now. Until the Democratic Party is seen as the "party of the people" we can't win again. And until the Democratic Party has a candidate of the people, i.e. Russ Feingold, we can't win again.