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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Daily Kos: Feingold testing 2008 waters?

Daily Kos: "Russ Feingold testing 2008 waters?

Washington Whispers seems to think so:
Keep a lookout for Sen. Russ Feingold , the second half of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance duo, who just won a third term from Wisconsin voters. He's on a nationwide mission to test out his progressive message that's liberal on some issues, like universal healthcare, and conservative on others, like the deficit. Fans think he can bridge the blue-state-red-state divide, making him not just a voice for a changing Democratic Party but a possible '08 presidential candidate. He's not the only one: Republicans are keeping an eye on Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney , who's on his own message tour.
Feingold inadvertently helped create the netroots revolution with McCain-Feingold. Devoid of big dollar donations, the party had to suddenly court small dollar donors online and off. Beforehand, getting the million dollar checks was the easier route to take.
A Feingold trial balloon should be fun to watch. "

It looks like more and more now people are looking to Russ Feingold as a real possibility for 2008. With his most recent editorial in Salon, and numerous periodicals starting to taking note of him, I think there definitely is a buzz out there for his name. And hey, in January of 2005, a buzz is about the most you can ask for.

The assertion that Feingold "inadvertently helped create the netroots revolution" with his campaign finance reform bill is a new one. Raising money and organizing online would have happened to someone whether or not the law took away large donations. Anyone who's been watching trends online could see that donating online is very popular and becoming more so, just because of the ease of it. Small grassroots campaigns like Dean or Kucinich would have been forced to do that anyways. But to the DNC or campaigns like Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt, and the rest of the old school types McCain-Feingold may have made them them look elsewhere for money.

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