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Monday, January 31, 2005

Feingold in Florida

The Daytona Beach News-Journal: West Volusia: "DAYTONA BEACH -- One of President Bush's most vocal opponents in the Senate is weighing a 2008 run for the presidency.
U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., told the Tiger Bay Club of Volusia County on Friday that he'll decide whether to run after 'going around the country' working to return a Democrat to the White House.
In Bush's first term, Feingold opposed the president's policies on the Iraq war, USA Patriot Act, Medicare reform, education policy, environmental regulation and abortion rights. He made clear he was leaving his own presidential options open after a club member asked if he plans to run.
For now, Feingold said, he wants to be 'part of the process' of identifying a candidate likely to succeed George W. Bush in 2008. That involves helping to create 'national organizations of people to make that happen,' he said."

While it is unclear what Senator Feingold's intentions are at this point, it seems as though running for President in 2008 is something he is considering.

I found this line most telling, and exactly why Russ Feingold is exactly the kind of candidate the Democratic Party needs.

Club member Al Smith, a local physician and registered Democrat, asked Feingold if "the party can stand another liberal from the Northeast (as a candidate) and still survive as a party?"

Feingold replied that the country is looking for a candidate they can feel connected to, whether liberal or conservative.

I don't think we can stand another liberal from the Northeast. Not because they are liberal, not because they are Northeastern. Show me a Northeastern politician who could compete on a national level besides Howard Dean who isn't considered an "elite" or who isn't easily branded so. But the Senator is exactly right. Bush connected better than Kerry - even though the voters wanted a change. Something to think about.


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I saw a link about that on http://www.MedicarePartDSite.com yesterday that made it sound like you would do better finding it online.

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