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Friday, February 04, 2005

The Netroots and Russ Feingold

MyDD :: If these were the choices in 2008, who would you support?: "If these were the choices in 2008, who would you support?

Evan Bayh 17 votes - 8 %
Hillary Clinton 18 votes - 8 %
John Edwards 44 votes - 21 %
Russ Feingold 107 votes - 51 %
Bill Richardson 22 votes - 10 %

208 Total Votes"

It's not scientific by ANY measure, but I think that it's a sign of the netroots' support. No, Feingold isn't probably supported by 51% of the netroots, but think of it in this way. With Dean now a reformer at the helm of the party, the netroots want to a reformer as the candidate.

There are many things I could say about the netroots, but most importantly, the community is mostly reformers. Until they had a way to communicate (through blogs and the internet), no one would listen - at any level of the Democratic Party.


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