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Thursday, February 10, 2005

What John Edwards is up to now...

News From The Associated Press: "MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) -- Former Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards, getting the 2008 campaign cycle off to an early start, said Saturday that poverty 'is one of the great moral issues of our time' and he pledged to help fight it.
'It may seem like an impossible task to end poverty, but that's what skeptics have always said about the great struggles we have faced,' he said. 'If we can put a man on the moon, cure polio, and put a library on a little chip, then we can end poverty.'"

John Edwards' message has always really appealed to me. The "Two Americas" stump speech that he developed over the course of the campaign really resonated with my core Democratic instincts. It was, in essence, everything Kerry was trying to say about the economy throughout the 2004 general election. John Kerry, unfortunatley, speaks "Senate-ese." (Hint to John Kerry: We speak many languagues in the US, but that is not one of them) I'm giving away a little secret here, but in the 2004 Caucuses, John Edwards is who I was counted for (for those unfamiliar with our strange process, we don't exactly cast ballots) and I am proud of that.

There is little doubt that John Edwards will run for President once more. Fighting poverty is very near to my heart. In my real-world job, I work for a Food Bank and I am involved with advocacy for low income people, mostly dealing with hunger. I sincerely hope that John Edwards will work hard for this now (since he doesn't exactly have a job) and not just talk about it.

I would still support a Russ Feingold candidacy over a John Edwards one. I had real problems with Edwards' record, or lack thereof on many things. That is why he wasn't my first choice at the caucuses. Senator Feingold is someone that I believe really has both the message, and the record to successfully sell that age old Democratic message to all Americans, both red and blue staters.


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