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Thursday, February 03, 2005

A WORD TO ABC "The Note" - Check your facts

ABC News: The Note: Like Going to the Racetrack: "Martin 'Lowell's Son' Meehan, John 'My Consultants Are Telling People I'm Running in 08' McCain, Christopher 'I'm The Key to Karl's Connecticut Hopes' Shays and Russ 'Draft Me For President' Feingold, the quartet behind BCRA, the first campaign finance bill that President Bush, ah, enthusiastically signed into law, has proposed legislation to reform the so-called 527 groups that famously brought us the Swift Boat veterans, the Texans for Truth, Ashley's Story, and the zillions of outside Democrats who swarmed Ohio on Election Day. "

Ok, so yeah - I don't work for Senator Feingold. I don't even live in Wisconsin. Nobody affiliated with the draft movement on ANY level I know, is involved with the Senator.

So, ABC News, quit making allegations. Ever think to check into it? Would you like to email me and ask me?



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