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Friday, March 25, 2005

Man of his word

ABC News: The Note: Lessons, Questions, and Choices: "Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) is scheduled to spend next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Alabama, returning to the site of his vacation last fall that spurred him to write a Salon op-ed about the need for Democrats to reach out to Americans in the South.
Feingold spends Monday touring Greenville, where he'll visit the high school and a car parts plant and speak at a city council meeting. On Tuesday, he'll visit Montgomery, where he'll visit the Civil Rights Memorial and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Then he heads to Birmingham for a health care round table, talk with community leaders, and speak to a meeting of the city's Democrats"

Senator Feingold said he'd go back to Greenville, and he is going to. I'm sure it'll be very hard to break through some of the barriers that Northerners face in the South. I find it bewildering that every time I go to the South, there still is a animosity toward Northerners. I'm glad to see Senator Feingold hasn't written off the South, like many Democrats. When you refuse to compete in the South, you're conceeding parts of the North that are like the South. Have a safe trip, Senator.


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